For all customized Work, please email the artist

Email Leanne at to solidify commission, imagery, details, pricing, and shipping information.



Is there a place that is particularly special to you? Contact the artist for an original painting of a house, building, or church exterior.

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Leanne loves to paint places that are important to people, but especially places of prayer. Is there a place you always like to pray at? A place you got married? Order a customized painting of the church's interior or of an interior of a house!

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Is there a scripture passage that you love? A verse or a quote that means a lot to you or someone you love? Contact the artist for pricing on original hand lettering. You can choose the colors and decoration around the font, as well as the script that best matches the quote.

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Is there an image that you love, or a combination of images you want painted together? Contact the artist to see if a custom portrait is possible! The artist can combine images or paint from multiple sources.


Special Occasions

Do you want to gift a unique wedding or anniversary gift? Combine images of churches, saints that are important to them, or images from the couples lives!



Would you like a certificate to commermorate a baptism, wedding, or anniversary? Work with the artist to compose a certifcate with imagery that is important to the couple, family, or invidiual!