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These 100% soy wax candles have a lead free cotton wick and are a 9 oz pour. They measure 2.86” in diameter and are 3.5” in height. These candles were hand-poured by Kristina at @ivoryflamecandle. Her candles are all over my house and have always been my favorite. And now they can be all over your house! Her work is the absolute best. I was thinking of her so much as the quarantines began and events started to be canceled. I met Kristina at a vendor event and we have become close friends. She sells candles at different weekend farmer's markets and outside of that as a florist for weddings and large events. I knew most of her gigs would be canceled during this crazy time. I really wanted to support her little business, especially since there was such a need for her craft. I love her work more than anything and truly believe you will too! If you are interested in different scents or sizes, check Kristina out at @ivoryflamecandles on Instagram. I am so excited that she also is now on Etsy!!! 

Ivory Flame Candle is a local artisan candle company. They pour high quality soy candles with beautiful fragrances from their home in Bakersfield, California. The entire candle line is hand-poured in limited numbered batches. They only source premium quality fragrance oils and that are thoroughly blended with 100% soy wax. They use cotton wicks interwoven with paper for better trimming for an unparalleled burning experience.

Enjoy these candles throughout your home or workplace for the atmosphere that you desire and fragrances that are indescribable.

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