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Holy Family Candle Tin (Cranberry Orange Spice Scented)

Holy Family Candle Tin (Cranberry Orange Spice Scented)

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These are Leanne's ALL TIME favorite scent yet! The Cranberry makes the candle perfect for November and the Orange for December and January! The spice scent makes them incredible all winter long! These are the best yet! The candle can transform a room and yet has the beauty of the Holy Family. The cranberry mixed with the orange is absolutely phenomenal. The under scents of clove and nutmeg make it smell just like a kitchen baking in the winter. 

The image of the Holy Family is a great reminder of Christ coming into our homes and lives. He bears new life into our hearts as the Christmas season unfolds around us. Giving this as a gift to those we encounter is truly the greatest gift we could give. 

These 4 oz 100% soy candle tins are the absolute cutest gifts! They have a magnetic image on the lid that can be removed after the candle burns out to put on your car or fridge! These candles burn super slow and clean. They are hand poured by friend Kristina at the Ivory Flame Candle Company in Bakersfield, CA!

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