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Memento Mori Candle (Holy Smokes)

Memento Mori Candle (Holy Smokes)

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Holy Smokes is a reminiscent fragrance of autumn nights by the fire. Smokey, earthy cedar and pine are accompanied perfectly with hints of brown sugar and vanilla. It smells EXACTLY like fall!

Top notes: Cedar, Amber

Middle notes: Smoke, Pine, Brown Sugar, Charred Wood

Base notes: Resin, Vanilla, Roasted Marshmallow

Memento Mori- Remember that we must die. Who are we to desire a long life or a short one? We are made to be in union with God. Memento Mori  and the skull is a reminder that death isn't something we are running and hiding from. It is something that is inevitable, a part of us, and will lead to deeper union with God. Whatever life brings, we remind ourselves that this world is our ship, not our home.

Each of the flowers in the label are symbolic! Pictured from top left to bottom right-

Columbine- Victory of life over death and a symbol of humility because the flowers face down to the earth. It is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit coming forth from the Trinity into the world. There are three parts of the flower, and the middle section bursts forward and outward towards the ground.

Hyacinth- A desire of heaven. In Greek mythology, when the character Hyacinthus died, radiant flowers burst forth from the earth. They are a reminder that our lives and our deaths may both be very beautiful.

Daisy- beauty, innocence, and simplicity. The daisy is an invitation into the beauty of everyday life and the mundane. When we embrace the simplicity it helps us prepare for a life and death in union with God.

Dogwood- symbol of the cross. The four pierced petals across from another symbolize our Lord's death and resurrection.

Poppy- the fragility of life. Poppies have fragile petals, yet pull them in to shelter from the storm. The poppy represents strength of a holy death and the joy that comes in living vibrantly despite the fragility of life.

This 100% soy wax candle has a lead free cotton wick and is a 9 oz pour. It measures 2.86” in diameter and 3.5” in height. This candle was hand-poured by Kristina at @ivoryflamecandle. Ivory Flame Candle is a local artisan candle company. They pour high quality soy candles with beautiful fragrances from their home in Bakersfield, California.

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