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Bundle of Light Candle Tin (Wassail Scented, Silver)

Bundle of Light Candle Tin (Wassail Scented, Silver)

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The scent "Wassail" comes from the traditional Christmas punch that families would serve after Wassailing. (Caroling) The scent is the perfect mix of apple cider, orange, cinnamon, currant, clove, and nutmeg. It smells exactly like Christmas!! It is so nostalgic, the smell alone is a beautiful gift to those you love. Literally, when people smell this one, they gasp. It smells that good.

The Bundle of Light image shows Mary holding the Light of the World, radiating love into our hearts. She shines against the dark night behind her. She tenderly holds the Christ child close to her heart and invites us to do the same. This is a beautiful invitation we can give. The scent is so nostalgic that anyone will love it regardless of where they are in their faith, but the image is a true gift of our faith to them.


These 4 oz 100% soy candle tins are the absolute cutest gifts! They have a magnetic image on the lid that can be removed after the candle burns out to put on your car or fridge! These candles burn super slow and clean. They are hand poured by friend Kristina at the Ivory Flame Candle Company in Bakersfield, CA!
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